When Jennifer Asbenson was 19, she was kidnapped by Andrew Urdiales, a serial killer who, at the time, had murdered four women. Bloody and battered, she was able to escape the trunk of his car and run for her life down a desert road where she was rescued and taken to a police station.

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Asbenson says, however, that her nightmare continued there.

“They didn’t believe that I was kidnapped. They didn’t believe me when I said he was a murderer,” Asbenson tells Dr. Phil on Thursday’s episode. “They said, ‘We have reason to believe you got into a fight with your boyfriend, and he roughed you up a little bit. You guys got a little too rough, and he bit you on the neck.’ And I just went, ‘I don’t even have a boyfriend.’”

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She says her mother even told police that she was a “storyteller,” and then referred to Urdiales as Asbenson’s “boyfriend.” Hear more in the video above, and hear audio tapes of Urdiales in court talking about Asbenson.

Urdiales continued his killing spree and murdered four more women until he was caught five years later.

On Thursday, hear how Asbenson met Urdiales, and what happened during her abduction. Check here to see where you can watch.

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