In Dr. Phil season 18, Taylor’s mother, Janene, accused her of being a “pathological liar” who had faked at least ten pregnancies. During one of her “pregnancies,” Janene says she threw a gender reveal party and baby shower, only for Taylor to later tell the family she had miscarried.

Taylor admitted she lied to her family, in part, because of unresolved childhood trauma and resentment toward Janene.

Watch: “My Daughter Won’t Stop Faking Pregnancies!"

Two years later, Taylor says she is doing well and no longer feels the need to lie to her family. She says it was something that Dr. Phil said to her after the taping that made all the difference.

“I’m beyond grateful to you for just treating me like a person,” Taylor tells Dr. Phil.

Watch the video above to find out what Dr. Phil said to Taylor that she says inspired her to turn her life around.

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