Sara says her mother, Chris, displayed strange behavioral changes in the summer of 2020, which led to her being Baker Acted and spending over two weeks at a mental health facility. She claims that Chris became fixated on now former President Donald Trump, then went missing for two days after writing a “manifesto” to Joe Biden.

“I do not believe I’m crazy,” asserts Chris, who disputes her diagnosis and insists that her hospitalization was unwarranted. According to Chris, the “manifesto” wasn’t actually for Joe Biden. She says it was an opinion that she wanted to share with a major news network who could then forward it to Joe Biden if they found it had merit.

Watch the video above to learn why Sara says, “My fear is that my mother will blame us for everything that’s happened and continue to refuse treatment.”

This episode of Dr. Phil, “’Something is Seriously Wrong with My Mother’,” airs Tuesday.

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