Monica says she started working a side hustle in sales to clear her student-loan debt but instead, she claims she was manipulated, “love bombed,” and coerced the moment she joined a multi-level marketing (MLM) team.

“It seemed very culty,” Monica says.

Then, when things started to go sideways, Monica says her “community” was nowhere to be found. “As soon as you left, that friendship, that community, that sisterhood – it no longer existed.”

“If people quit an MLM, they’re often shunned and virtually excommunicated – much like destructive cults,” says cult specialist and deprogrammer Rick Alan Ross in the video above.

Watch Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Cult Vibes?” to hear more about Monica’s experience and how she got caught up in a second MLM after quitting the first. And later, hear more from Rick Alan Ross about some cult-like attributes to look for in everyday life.

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Rick Alan Ross is the author of “Cults Inside Out: How People Can Get in and Can Get Out.” Available wherever books are sold.

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