Once weighing 450 lbs., Debbie, who has reduced her weight by 300 lbs. after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in 2015, says she still has a tough time accepting herself and claims her fiancé, James, has had a hard time adjusting to her new look, as well.

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“James acts very protective of me when I’m around other men, he tells me that I stare and that I speak flirtatiously,” says Debbie.

James says he’s not jealous, just protective.

Debbie claims James wants to “dominate” their relationship and be the one in charge. “He can control what I’m eating and what I’m looking at and what I buy,” she says.

“I know more about the way to do things,” says James, who admits he likes being in charge.

Debbie claims James “has a problem with trust,” and claims he becomes frustrated with her when she argues back.

“He calls me the worst words that you can call a woman,” she says.

James admits to sometimes cutting down Debbie with his words. Why does he say he thinks she’s naïve?

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‘I’m Having Trouble Connecting With Who I Am Now,’ Says Woman After 300 Lbs.