Amber, 24, says she loves being a mom to her three children.


But her kids were recently removed from her care after her mother called Child Protective Services, concerned for their wellbeing.


“I decided to call CPS because she was having these extreme anxiety attacks,” says Amber’s mom, Lisa, who believes Amber may have a mental disorder. “She cried and screamed and said she could not handle taking care of the kids and all the problems that she was having in her life.”


Lisa claims the children were not being taking care of by Amber. She says they were left to roam the house while Amber slept, and says they would go into the refrigerator and dump out milk and cartons of eggs. “Amber doesn’t know how to be a good mother,” she says. “Those kids will always come first to me. I had to protect my grandchildren.”


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But Amber claims, “I’m better than a lot of moms out there.”


Amber explains that she can now only see her children during supervised visits.


In the video above, Dr. Phil reviews past statements Amber has made in regards to CPS taking her children from her. “You said, ‘It’s a blessing having some freedom without my kids,’” he says.


“At the moment,” Amber says.


“You said, ‘I know this separation will change my life completely for the better,” Dr. Phil continues.


“I don’t mean this separation. I miss them dearly,” Amber says. “But right now, I am enjoying my time. I got to come and do these things that I never got to do in my life.”


“You said, ‘I’m busy right now and can’t stop what I have to do to go see them,’” Dr. Phil says, regarding Amber not going to visitations. “You said, ‘I want to complete my bucket list before I get my kids back.'”


In the video above, Dr. Phil reviews Amber’s bucket list. How does Amber respond?


This episode, “My Family Thinks I’m Crazy, But I Think They’re Crazy!” airs Friday. Check here to see where you can watch.