When Mel appeared on Dr. Phil, she feared she was going to lose her fiancé, Ian, over a prenup agreement that she didn’t want to sign – and she was also struggling with her weight. Dr. Phil suggested the couple enter into premarital counseling, and that Mel stop using her copy of Dr. Phil’s The 20/20 Diet as a paperweight and start reading it.

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Now, a year later, Mel is back 80 pounds lighter and 63 inches smaller!

“The moment I got home from L.A., I got [The 20/20 Diet] out of my closet and I just started reading it, chapter for chapter, and I followed the list, the menus, and the weight just started falling off,” Mel tells Dr. Phil on Tuesday’s episode. “Like it says in there, anyone can do anything for five days. So that’s why I just kept playing your voice back in my head. Anyone can do anything for five days. After the first five days, it’s all easy sailing from there.”

Learn more about the plan in the video above, and Dr. Phil shares some pitfalls to weight management. And on Tuesday, see the surprise Dr. Phil has for Mel. Check here to see where you can watch.

*A typical user of Dr. Phil's The 20/20 Diet plan can expect to lose about one to two pounds per week.

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Dr. Phil Surprises Guest Who Lost 80 Pounds On ‘The 20/20 Diet’