Amber says her life spiraled out of control after her divorce. That was eight years ago. Since then, she says she’s lost her business, had two failed relationships, several arrests, lost custody of her children - and spent time in a state mental health facility.

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Amber says she blames her parents and her “abusive” childhood for her poor choices as an adult. But her parents say she wasn’t abused growing up, and they didn’t cause her problems. They claim it’s her excessive drinking and erratic thinking that get her in to trouble.

In part one of this two-part Dr. Phil airing Wednesday, Dr. Phil takes Amber through a list of events from the past several years that he says he considers to be “self-destructive behaviors.”

Amber admits to burning her wedding dress in front of her children, and to trashing a boyfriend’s house on Christmas Eve.

“It was a poor decision,” admits Amber. But why does she say she did it?

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