Emily is a 22-year-old self-described self-harm “advocate” who has over 200,000 followers on social media. She says she’s trying to help others by sharing her struggle with cutting.

Phoenix, who says she has a self-harm addiction, claims that seeing photos of Emily’s scars and fresh cuts online caused her to get worked up into a state of panic, “and I ended up relapsing after being clean for about a month from hurting myself.”

Phoenix says because she has a public page, Emily’s social media posts show up on her newsfeed, and she had to ask Emily to block her to make them stop. She claims she messaged Emily five times before Emily responded, calling her names and telling her to stay off social media if she is sensitive to triggers.

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When it’s suggested that Emily could change the settings on her page to allow others to opt-in - only if they want to see her posts - she responds, “But if I make my page private, how would I be able to spread awareness?”

Does Emily say she thinks she bears any responsibility for Phoenix or others who may be triggered by the images she posts?

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