Harley says when she saw Bailey on a dating website, she thought he was “really hot” and so she “swiped right.”

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“We fell for each other right away,” says Harley.

Bailey is a C5, C6 quadriplegic who requires help to do most things, and Harley has become his full-time caregiver. She says she does everything for Bailey, including feeding him, brushing his teeth, bathing him and doing the laundry and preparing meals.

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“The problem that we’re having is the frustration that we both feel because he’s paralyzed, and we both take it out on each other,” Harley says. “Bailey feels so much guilt for having to rely on me. Bailey told me that he wants to give up. He wants to be put in a nursing home.”

If she knew before the relationship what she knows now, would Harley still have started a relationship with Bailey? See what she says in the video above and hear more of her story.

On Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear what Bailey says about their relationship – and his life. Is there hope for saving this relationship? Check here to see where you can watch.

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