Kala Brown claims that she was kidnapped by suspected serial killer Todd Kohlhepp and locked inside a dark storage container on his remote South Carolina property for two months. The 30-year-old claims her arms were tied behind her back, her neck was chained to one corner of the container and her feet to another. She says Kohlhepp only took her out of the container twice a day to rape her.

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In the video above from her exclusive interview with Dr. Phil airing Tuesday, Brown tells him that she was certain she was being looked for, although she claims Kohlhepp told her otherwise.

“He told me that I was not being looked for, that no one cared,” Brown says.

“Was there ever a plot that you were hatching that you thought you might be able to disable him or kill him?” Dr. Phil asks.

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“I kept my eyes open for a chance but it never presented itself,” Brown says. “He was careful.”

On Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil Brown tells her story of her fight to survive and what happened when she was finally rescued.

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