Lucinda Williams says she is confident that the company for which she is the director of development, Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers, SDWR, provides people with diabetes alert dogs that may be able to save their lives.

“I believe in the company because I see firsthand what the dog does for my grandson,” Williams says. “My grandson’s dog started to alert my grandson’s blood sugar levels within 15 to 20 minutes of arrival.”

WATCH: Woman Says Service Alert Dog Has Saved Her Daughter’s Life

Williams says there is a list of tests and commands that the dogs have to pass and know before they can become part of the service dog program, and she says SDWR keeps records of certifications of the animals.

“You want to know that their dog is going to be able to work for 10 years and its health will be good,” Williams says. “We go through the basics to guarantee the health of the dog.”

However, Melinda and Michelle, two clients of SDWR, claim the company does not live up to its promises and scammed them. Watch their story here.

In the video above, Dr. Phil questions Williams and SDWR attorney John Russell about some of the company’s alleged practices, including not showing clients contracts until the dogs are delivered. And why didn’t the head of the company attend the Dr. Phil show taping? On Wednesday’s episode, some clients who support SDWR face off with three women who claim they were scammed by the company. Are the dogs provided by SDWR able to save lives, or is this business a scam? Check here to see where you can watch.