Michelle Wilkins was seven months pregnant with her first child when she became a victim of a horrific crime: Dynel Lane cut open Wilkins and took the baby from her womb. Wilkins survived, but her unborn baby did not.

Wilkins met Lane after responding to her Craigslist add offering up free maternity clothes. Shortly after arriving at 34-year-old Lane’s home, Wilkins was attacked and knocked unconscious. That’s when Lane cut open Wilkins and ripped the baby from her womb.

In an interview with Dr. Phil airing Friday, Wilkins describes the day of the attack, why she told Lane that she loved her and what it was like learning that her baby had died. 

In the video above, Wilkins tells Dr. Phil why, even after the horrific attack, she hasn’t lost faith in humanity.

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After trial, the jury deliberated for close to seven hours before finding Dynel Lane guilty of attempted murder, unlawful termination of a pregnancy and assault. In April 2016, she was sentenced to 100 years in prison.

Michelle’s inspiring story of survival airs Friday on Dr. Phil. Watch more here.

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