Steven and Danielle have been together for 20 years and have two sons, but Steven says he can no longer trust Danielle. He claims she is prostituting herself, that she has a pimp, and that he has found straws with cocaine residue in them among her belongings. 

Danielle adamantly denies Steven’s accusations, claims he is “narcissistic” and says he makes her feel like a "prisoner" in her home. 

Danielle’s mother, Yvonne, says her daughter is not a cheater – and she doesn’t know where Steven’s accusations are coming from. “This is perverted and twisted,” she says. 

Danielle took a drug test before meeting with Dr. Phil. See her results -- and Steven’s reaction – in the video above. Plus, why does she say she cut her hair during an argument with Steven? 

Steven says he’d rather be told he’s completely wrong and that none of his allegations hold any truth – but is he ready to accept that? See what happens on Wednesday’s episode, "'Paranoia, Jealousy, and Wild Accusations.'" Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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