Kimberly claims her sister Danielle’s daughter was born addicted to drugs and was neglected. She was granted custodial guardianship of the now 8-year-old in 2017 and says she’ll continue to raise the girl as long as necessary.

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Danielle denies Kimberly’s allegations of neglect. She asserts the reason Kimberly won’t give her daughter back, is because she’s having fertility issues.

“It drives Kimberly crazy that I have three children, and she has one daughter,” says Danielle who claims her sister is “jealous.”

“That’s not true,” says Kimberly, adding, “Because of all the choices that Danielle has made, I can’t continue my life.” She says she and her husband had to stop in the middle of IVF (in vitro fertilization) last year in order to take custody of her niece, who she’s raising alongside her own child.

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Watch the video above to learn why Nick says,” Kimberly is using our daughter like a permanent playdate for her daughter.”

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