Sarah says she feels that she has been “emotionally denied” and “disregarded” her entire life. The 23-year-old says she’s been physically, emotionally and sexually abused, and claims her family lacks empathy for the traumas she’s been through.

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“I have…I’ve had no choice but to isolate and to shut down completely, and to hold them at an arm’s length because that’s my coping skill, that’s my coping mechanism,” she says on Thursday’s Dr. Phil.

Sarah’s family says they’re scared for her safety – and her life. They’re claiming she steals from her sister, sells and abuses drugs, associates with gang members, has been prostituting herself, claims she denies. Her father, Jim, and stepmother, Cindy, have had custody of Sarah’s little girl since 2015, claiming she exposed her child to dangerous situations, which she also denies. Then, last April, they say Sarah was arrested for a DUI.

“I want to be clear about what it is - if anything - that you want from me,” Dr. Phil tells Sarah on Monday's episode.  “How can I help you?”

Sarah says it’s not fair to be defined by her past mistakes. “It definitely opened my eyes; it’s made me realize what I don’t want to be, regardless if I’ve made poor choices, I’m only human. And I just want to know how to, you know, am I crazy to want to break this cycle for my daughter?”

Sarah says that with the help of her mother, Sharon, she’s ready to begin providing a stable home for her child - today.

What does her family claim about Sarah’s recent activities that has her walking off the stage?

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