Sisters Kelly and Kourtney claim their mother, Karla, is being catfished by a celebrity-imposter posing as actor/director Tyler Perry online. They claim not only has she been conned out of nearly $100,000 in the last three years, but that the scammer has also manipulated Karla into believing that she’s married to Perry, and has biological children with him.

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Karla, who acknowledges she’s never met her online love face-to-face, insists “It is not possible that he’s fake.” She says her love for him is real.

Dr. Phil asks Karla, “Does it make common sense to you that a man of Tyler Perry’s integrity and means would not create the opportunity to come face-to-face with the woman he loved in three years?”

“I think part of this might be a - must be a joke,” says Karla, who tells Dr. Phil that she agrees the situation “doesn’t sound like it’s common sense,” but continues to claim she’s married to the entertainer.

When Dr. Phil asks her whether it’s possible that someone has been impersonating Perry, what does Karla tell him?

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‘I Know He Doesn't Need My Money’ Says Woman Whose Family Claims She’s Being Catfished