Ian and Jessica say Child Protective Services placed their kids in foster care in 2019, and they’ve been fighting to get them back ever since. The on-and-off couple admits they’ve had a rocky relationship and say they believe that CPS is using Jessica’s emotional volatility, Ian’s anger issues, and their shared history of physical altercations to keep the children in foster care. Additionally, Ian has been accused of injuring his son from another relationship, which he vehemently denies.

“Ian absolutely loves his kids. He would never hurt any of them,” insists Ian’s mother, Pamela, about the father of five. She says her son, who is currently without a job or a place to live full time, “needs his kids so he can get his life turned around.”

Continuing, Pamela says, “I believe that Ian and Jessica are very toxic together.”

When Pamela claims that Jessica “pushes Ian’s buttons,” how does Jessica respond?

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