Shelbie says she has spent countless hours searching for her mother, Carie Zapletal, who has been missing from her Memphis home since December 2014.

“I’ve posted hundreds of flyers. I even got the local news stations to cover my mom’s story,” she says.

Her mom vanished without a trace, leaving behind her phone, wallet and car, and Shelbie says she fears that her mother was the victim of foul play at the hands of her stepfather, Ed.

“I truly believe that my mother’s husband, Ed, had something to do with my mother’s disappearance,” says Shelbie, who is desperate for answers.

However, Ed denies the accusations, and says that when Carie went missing, he had just had a stroke and could barely move. He says he believes Carie was overwhelmed caring for him, severely depressed and he claims she was binge drinking and taking drugs.

“She told me that she had guzzled an entire bottle of rubbing alcohol trying to commit suicide, and she was disappointed that it didn’t end her life,” Ed says of his wife in the days before she disappeared.

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Ed says he believes his wife left their home of her own will, and he’s ‘convinced’ she is still alive.

“She’s been seen as recently as a week ago. I’ve talked to six different people who have seen her and talked to her,” Ed says. “I’ve searched a lot in many different places, but after she had been seen by a friend of mine on the street in that area, I went from store to store showing her ID, and she was positively IDed by a clerk at this drugstore.”

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Shelbie claims Ed only became interested in the search when he found out she contacted the Dr. Phil show. She says he’s been telling her about sightings of her mom all around town, but when she investigates the leads, she constantly hits dead ends.

“Ed sent me to addresses that didn’t even exist,” Shelbie says. “It feels just like I’m on a wild goose chase.”

In the video above, cameras follow Shelbie as she searches the places Ed claims her mother has been spotted. See what she finds at the locations. On Friday’s episode, Dr. Phil tries to get to the bottom of why a 48-year-old woman left her house in December without a coat, phone, wallet or car and hasn’t been heard from since. Check here to see where you can watch.