Like many, Jessica says she has an overwhelming fear and anxiety about how long she will have to stay at home due to COVID-19, and worries she may be homebound for months, a year, or longer.

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“My anxiety basically just overruns me,” Jessica asserts, noting that she barely sleeps and is physically exhausted. “I have nightmares,” she says.

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Jessica says she has a crippling fear of contracting COVID-19 because she has a severely compromised immune system. Exacerbating her fears, Jessica says her brother also had a weakened immune system and died three years ago from a streptococcus infection. She says she believes she will die too if she is infected with the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Jessica’s husband is an essential worker, and she says she’s terrified that he will bring the virus home.

Watch Wednesday’s episode to hear what Dr. Phil says Jessica can do to help ease her anxiety while continuing to minimize her risk of exposure.

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TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Is quarantine ruining your life?