Christy says she was awarded legal custody of her sister, Tricia’s, two young daughters when Tricia went to prison for reckless homicide. After serving two-and-a-half years on a three-year sentence, Tricia, a recovering heroin addict, was released from prison early. She says she has been clean and sober for three years, works a full-time job, has a two-bedroom apartment, and she’s ready to get her daughters back.

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But Christy says she’ll never turn the children over to their mother. She claims that Tricia is an irresponsible drug addict who is lying about being sober. “Nobody will be able to convince me that my sister, Tricia, should have custody of her daughters again,” she says, adding, “The girls are better off living with me.”

Christy claims she’s raised her sister’s children, ages nine and 13, for most of the last six years, and says she’s afraid that Tricia wants to cut her out of their lives. “If somebody said, no, you have to give custody back, it will kill me, it would be like I had two kids that died. Like - it will literally kill me.”

When given proof that Tricia is clean, working, and has a stable place to raise her children, what is Christy’s response? Tune in to part one if a two-part Dr. Phil airing Wednesday.

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