Tricia, a recovering heroin addict, spent 2-and-a-half years behind bars for Reckless Homicide. Now out of prison, she says she’s sober, gainfully employed and has paid her debt to society. Tricia says she’s ready to take custody of her children back, but her sister, Christy, who was granted legal custody of Tricia’s daughters, says she’ll never give them up.

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“Nobody will ever be able to convince me that my sister, Tricia, should have custody of her daughters again,” says Christy, who claims Tricia hasn’t proven to her that she’s fit to parent her kids.

“I never agreed personally to give Christy custody of my children,” says Tricia, who claims Christy is an alcoholic who neglects and verbally abuses her children. Allegations which Christy denies, but that the women’s brother, Mark, also claims are true.

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