Shaela’s family claims she’s on a self-destructive path, and her “off the wall” behaviors aren’t just hurting her - but others as well.

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Her mother, Sandra, says Shaela’s world fell apart four years ago following a medical emergency, which she claims changed her daughter “completely.”

Divorced and unable to work, Sandra says Shaela lost her home, and eventually her kids. Her teenage daughter was emancipated, and her 8-year-old son was cared for temporarily by Shaela’s younger sister, Sara. She says the boy now lives with his father, and spends time with her as well.

Then, Sandra claims, Shaela showed up at her child’s school, “screaming at the staff, swinging doors open and almost hitting children.”

“She created such a ruckus, that they threw her off the campus,” says Sandra’s husband, Bobby. “I think the school has made a lot of mistakes,” says Shaela. “I have no idea why they create the excuses that they have created to ban me from my son’s school.”

Why does she claim her family is lying about her?

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