Caitlin and Jennifer claim their sister, Rebecca, is dependent on drugs and that she is in denial that she lost custody of her daughter, Harper, because of it. Rebecca admits that she once had a problem with pain pills but insists that was years ago. She insists that the only drugs she uses now are those that have been prescribed to her by her doctors.

Rebecca says she has gone through a lot of loss in her life, including Harper’s father, Jonathan, and, more recently, a close friend who died after slipping unconscious while visiting her home.

“Because my daughter was at my house during this incident, they took her from my custody,” claims Rebecca. She says the only thing she wants is to win back custody of her daughter.

This episode of Dr. Phil, “My Sisters Are Wrong. I Am Not a Drug Addict,” airs Friday. 

And later, when Dr. Phil challenges Rebecca about the reason Harper was taken out of her care, how does Rebecca respond?

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