“I do believe Kristen is a hoarder,” says Sue about her friend. “I’ve gone to the store with Kristen plenty of times, and if there was something on sale, like body lotions, she wouldn’t just buy one; she would buy all of them.”
William, another friend of Kristen’s, says she still has items from 2014 when they were in college. “Something just attaches her to everything, just a memory that she creates with certain things – clothes, food – and then she can’t get rid of it,” William says.

Sue and William say they’re worried about their friend. “Kristen has definitely isolated herself through her hoarding,” Sue says. “I think Kristen leans on material things because those material things won’t leave her.”
Hear more from Sue and William in the video above – and see Kristen’s reaction. 
Why does Kristen say she has a hard time parting with things? And, what may be driving her behavior? Find out on Tuesday's episode of Dr. Phil, "'The Happy Hoarder.'" Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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