Vickie and Larry claim their 40-year-old daughter, Amber, is a heavy drinker who suffers from mental health issues. They say she started drinking heavily when she divorced eight years ago; then lost custody of her kids, and finally, her business went under.

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Amber is claiming she grew up in an abusive home and says her parents are to blame for the turn her life has taken.

“Growing up, my family was in complete chaos. My dad would spank me; he even whipped me with a belt.” Amber also claims that her father punched her in the face, and was physically abusive of Vickie.

Her parents adamantly deny any abuse ever occurred.

“Amber completely exaggerates the past,” says Vickie who insists her husband’s discipline was not abusive in any way. “Amber lies about things just to get back at us.”

Larry says the reason Amber is claiming she was abused is that they’re not supporting her financially. “The worse her financial situation gets, the worse her childhood gets.”

In part one of a two-part Dr. Phil airing Wednesday, Amber claims she was “robbed” of her childhood, and that’s affected her relationships as an adult.

How does her brother, Cody, respond to Amber’s accusations that their father was physically abusive?

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