Vickie claims her 40-year-old-daughter, Amber, threatened her ex-husband, and now she’s not allowed to be within 500 feet of him and has only supervised visitation with her two children.

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“Amber called the police just so she could evict Bo from his house and take back custody of the children. Based on the police report, Amber was there wanting into the house. Bo explained to the policeman that she did not reside there; she had no custody of the children. Amber refused to leave.”

Vickie and Amber’s father, Larry, admit they testified in court that Amber is an unfit mother to protect their grandchildren. “We would do the same thing again,” says Larry.

The couple claims their daughter is a heavy drinker with a history of mental health issues who started spiraling out of control during her divorce eight years ago.

What does Amber admit she did in front of her children during her divorce, and why did she vow to use social media to “destroy” her parents’ reputation? Part one of this two-part Dr. Phil airs Wednesday. On Thursday’s episode, hear what Amber’s ex-husband, Bo, says he tells their children about “mommy’s sickness.”

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