When wildfires swept through the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee in 2016, 14 people died, over 130 were injured, and several hundred were displaced.

Three women from the community of Gatlinburg, Tennessee all say they were affected by the fires.

Darlene says she lost her home, her business and multiple vehicles, Vicky says her job was affected, and Melinda says her home suffered only smoke damage. Vicky and Darlene accuse Melinda of fraudulently claiming she lost everything in the fire and then using an alias to start an online fundraiser for herself. She says a friend started the fundraiser and claims she put a stop to it after learning her home had not been destroyed.

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Months later, Vicky and Darlene claim Melinda asked for funds on social media to help her return home from Alaska where she’d been working.

Vicky claims she’s a “thief” and Darlene says she “poor-mouths.”

“She gets on and makes everybody feel so sorry for her that they have to send her money. But why couldn’t she afford to come home?”

When Melinda starts to explain why she needed the money, what does Dr. Phil advise her to do?

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