Years before she was investigated for seeking donations while pretending to be married to a non-existent California firefighter, Ashley admits she faked pregnancies and, pretended other people’s kids were hers.

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“I think I just wanted the attention. I think I wanted to feel like I had a purpose,” she says.

WATCH Woman Says Her Former Nanny ‘Had A Whole Other Life’

“She’s a scam artist,” claims Ashely’s former employer, Emily, who hired her as a nanny in 2010. “I think she’s a very, very mentally unhealthy individual, but I also think she’s dangerous,” she adds.

Ashley admits she passed off Emily’s son as her own and after Emily fired her, she continued the ruse by claiming “her” child had been killed in a head-on car crash.

On Thursday, Dr. Phil speaks with Emily and two others who say Ashley lied to them. Ashley says she wants to apologize in person for what she’s done. Are they willing to hear her out?

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