Susan, Gabby and Kalie each say they spent over a year at Hephzibah House, an all-girl Christian boarding school in Indiana, and claim what happened to them there still haunts them to this day. 

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“We walked in and the lady shut the door and starting locking several locks, and I just knew something was wrong,” claims Susan, who says she arrived at Hephzibah House at 15 and stayed for 29 months. “Everything was shuttered. Every blind was shut. The windows were sealed. They had screws. You couldn’t open them.”
Gabby claims when she arrived in 1989, she received a “forced pelvic exam” against her will. She also claims that there were assigned times to use the bathroom and that the girls were put on work crews to perform hard labor.

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“We never lived anywhere else except that basement,” claims Kaylie, who says she lived at the school from November 2015 to March 2017. “I feel like there would have been more freedoms if I did go to the juvenile delinquency center that I was threatened with.”
In the video above, the women describe what they claim their life was like at the school, including being given food which sometimes included bugs – and the physical punishment they claim they received.
On Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, also hear from a former student who tells a different story and defends the work of Pastor Ron Williams, the founder and director of Hephzibah House, and from Williams’ son who speaks out for the first time. Then, on Tuesday, a former Hephzibah House staff member describes what she says she witnessed inside the walls of the school. Check here to see where you can watch.
Pastor Ron Williams respectfully declined the opportunity to participate in this Dr. Phil episode. He adamantly denies that there is any abuse in this boarding school. Click here to read the Hephzibah House full response to the allegations.