Melinda and Michelle claim they were ripped off by Service Dogs By Warren Retrievers, SDWR, a company that trains Labrador Retrievers to detect glucose levels in children and adults with diabetes. Some of the dogs reportedly can even open the refrigerator door and fetch juice, get insulin and even call 911 in an emergency.

However, Melinda and Michelle claim the dogs this company provides do not live up to the hype, leaving families with very expensive pets that are not equipped to save lives.

“I feel completely scammed by Service Dogs By Warren Retrievers,” Melinda says. “The organization is a company that preys on families with sick children.”

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Melinda says she was told that the retriever she was going to get from SDWR would alert if her 11-year-old son’s blood sugars dropped dangerously low, but she claims she got a puppy that was completely untrained and had never been introduced to the scent of a diabetic. She claims SDWR took her money, failed to give her a service dog and then filed a defamation lawsuit against her, after she took to social media warning other families.

Another SDWR customer, Michelle, says she was excited when she signed up to receive a service dog that could potentially save her diabetic son’s life. But she claims SDWR scammed her out of $26,000 and she received an overpriced puppy mill dog that has skin allergies, puppy dermatitis and autoimmune issues costing her $4,000 in vet bills.

“The majority of all the vets and specialists that we were sent to all came to the same conclusion that Alan was overbred. He has a weak immune system. They were questioning whether or not it could be cancerous,” Michelle says. “I want everyone to know that this company is a farce.”

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However, SDWR attorney John Russell and director of development Lucinda Williams, as well as two other guests who received SDWR dogs, maintain that they provide a valuable service.

Watch Melinda and Michelle’s stories in the video above. And on Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear from a mom who says her service dog from SDWR helps her diabetic daughter every day, and a doctor who says his SDWR service dog can fetch his meter, juice and even alerted another staff member when there was a problem. Are the dogs provided by SDWR able to save lives, or is this business a scam? Check here to see where you can watch.