Shayna and Zona say they are pregnant, and that their pregnancies have lasted well over nine months. Shayna says she’s been pregnant more than a year, even though medical test results show no pregnancy. She says it’s time someone takes her seriously and helps her. Zona claims she’s been pregnant for three years, seven months, and she believes she’s carrying six babies. Both women say they use at-home Dopplers to hear the babies’ heartbeats which has them convinced they are pregnant.

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Dr. Phil introduces the women to Dr. Thais Aliabadi, one of the country’s leading OB-GYNs, who agrees to perform an exam and ultrasound on the women to determine if they are pregnant and what may be going on in their body. Watch the video above to see if the women are pregnant -- and see their reactions to Dr. Aliabadi’s findings.

WATCH: How Two Women May Be Convincing Themselves They’re Pregnant When Medical Tests Confirm They’re Not

This episode airs Tuesday. Check here to see where you can watch.

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‘What If You’re Not Pregnant?’ Dr. Phil Asks Women Convinced They’ve Been Carrying Babies For More Than A Year