Sisters Laura and Carolyn say they fear that their brother may die if he doesn’t get his out-of-control behavior under control. They say he is bipolar and self-medicates with alcohol to the point that they worry he may end up hurting himself or someone else.

“Matt’s life has totally spiraled out of control,” says Laura, noting that he has nowhere to live and has been to jail 35 times in the last few years.

The sisters say Matt’s dangerous behavior includes fire-starting, unintentionally harming the family dog and gambling to excess.

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“Matt decided that he was going to have a party, so he started painting his driveway. He wrote “Go Cubs.” He also painted the dog because he thought it would be funny,” Laura claims. “Then Matt took apart his deck and made a big bonfire, and then his dog got set on fire ...Then I got a phone call saying that the house was set on fire.”

“Matt was in the midst of a manic episode,” Carolyn adds.

Laura and Carolyn claim Matt’s wife, Nancy, is part of the problem because they believe she enables his drinking, gambling and manic episodes and has even driven him to the casino straight from the hospital.

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“Nancy does feed his alcohol addiction by bringing alcohol to him or giving him money knowing that he’s going to purchase it,” Laura claims. “She will aggravate him to the point there’s a confrontation. She will call the police, they will put Matt in jail and Nancy goes and bails him out of jail. The vicious cycle just continues.”

Nancy denies their claims and says she’s the only one who has stuck by his side.

The sisters turn to Dr. Phil for help on Tuesday's episode. And, hear from Matt. Whom does he blame for his problems? Check here to see where you can watch.