Pattie and Peggy claim their sister, Kate, has struggled with hoarding for years and recently, it’s taken a sharp turn for the worse. They say their once vibrant sister, who holds a law degree and has a master’s in communication, is angry, irresponsible and scatterbrained, and that her cluttered house is cluttering her mind.

“I first noticed my sister Kate hoarding about eight years ago while she was still married. The kids’ rooms were covered in cat hair, toys, books and trash. There weren’t sheets on her beds,” says Pattie. “Her kitchen counters were covered with garbage, fast-food wrappers, and bags of clothes all over the house.”

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Pattie and Peggy say they have spent about $25,000 to help Kate, including paying for her to move twice because she was evicted due in part to the uncleanliness of her home, paying for cleaning services and paying her rent and bills. They say they now fear she could be facing eviction again because her home is starting to look like the previous house, filled with boxes, bags, clothes, trash, dirty dishes and craft supplies, even cat urine and feces they say.

“I don’t want her living like that because eventually, we’re just going to walk away,” Pattie says, turning to Dr. Phil for help.

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Peggy adds, “I don’t know if we’ve been helping her or just enabling her.”

On Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear from Kate. Is she ready to change her behavior? Check here to see where you can watch.