Dawn admits that she doesn’t like her daughter, Kristina’s, fiancé, Troy. She claims he plays video games, reads at a “fourth grade level”, dresses like a 12-year-old and is overweight. 

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“Beauty and the Beast says it all, because I don’t understand what she sees in him,” Dawn says. “One time, Troy called the police and said I assaulted him. He got into my space, and I claimed my space by puffing my chest out, and my breast touched his chest. Do you think my little B cups are going to hurt a 300-pound man?”
Kristina’s half-sister, Elisha, agrees with Dawn. “Troy is 17 years older than my sister and has completely brainwashed her,” Elisha claims. She says that shortly after Kristina told her she was pregnant, the women got in a text message fight that ended with Elisha telling Kristina to not come to her wedding.

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In the video above, hear why Dawn and Elisha claim they fear for Kristina’s safety.
On Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear from Kristina and Troy. What do they say about Dawn and Elisha’s accusations? And, Dawn and Kristina face each other for the first time in months. Check here to see where you can watch.