Sisters Alisa and Amy say they haven’t spoken to their mother, Tammy, in a year. They’re claiming that as a child, Alisa was repeatedly sexually victimized by at least three of Tammy’s adult male friends; including at the hands of a man they allege their mother was having an affair with, while their father was deployed with the military.

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The siblings assert Tammy didn’t just know about the abuse; they claim she witnessed some of it - and still did nothing to protect Alisa.

On Thursday’s episode, Tammy responds to her daughters’ accusations, admitting that, while she was aware of a few incidents, “It’s difficult to tell what happened when.”

Referring to an event that occurred when Alisa was just 11 years old, Tammy admits, “I did hear her say to me one time, that he tried to kiss her, and I thought that was all that was to that.”

Tammy says she didn’t realize – until now - to what extent Alisa says she was abused, claiming, “This information – all these things that happened to her is overwhelming to me.”

Why does Tammy say she didn’t put a stop to the incidents she did know about, at the time? Tune in to Thursday’s Dr. Phil. Find your local listing here.

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