Robert says he’s currently communicating with five women online but has never met any of them in person. He says he can see himself getting married to “Sophie Preston” even though he’s never spoken to her, and she is mute. He admits he has sent her money but says that once she receives a $5 million inheritance, she’s going to send him $50,000. 

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Dr. Phil reviews the passport and driver’s license that “Sophie” allegedly sent Robert to determine if he may be getting scammed. When he determines that both are fake, Robert grows defensive.
In the video above, see Robert’s behavior and why Dr. Phil says to him, “You’re a loudmouth bully.”

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On Tuesday’s episode, Dr. Phil sends a producer to search for the house where “Sophie” claims she lived. What does the investigation uncover? And on Wednesday, the search moves across the country to track down and verify information Robert says he’s gotten from his “girlfriends.” Check here to see where you can watch.