Julian says that when he lived with his former roommate, Robert, the 70-year-old would spend many hours a day on the computer talking to women he met online.

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“One day, he was telling me about a lady who he had just met online who had got stuck in Honduras,” Julian recalls. “Later that day, he was telling that same girl that he loved her, how he wanted to give her a family.”

Julian says Robert has sent money to these women and neglected himself to stay in communication with them. “It’s like he wants it to be real so bad, that no matter what happens to disprove it, he’s still going to be like, ‘It’s true,’” Julian says.

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Julian, along with Robert’s former wife of 40 years, Jeremi, say they believe Robert is being scammed by these women, to whom he’s given thousands of dollars. In the video above, hear what Dr. Phil uncovered about one of the five women Robert claims he’s currently in a relationship with.
Is Robert ready to accept the truth? See what happens on Wednesday’s episode. Check here to see where you can watch.