Ten-year-old Dominic died in 2015, from an overdose of hydrocodone and sepsis. His parents, Joseph and Jennifer, have been charged with criminal child abuse in connection with his death.

The couple’s 17-year-old daughter, Rebecca says she’s angry with Jennifer because she feels her mother spends all her time focusing on Joseph, instead of her surviving children.

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Joseph, who strongly denies family members’ claims that he has a history of controlling his family, is currently in jail on a probation violation.

Jennifer, who acknowledges Joseph has been abusive toward her and the children in the past when he was drinking, says Joseph is her “soul-mate.” She’s been working to secure his release from jail.

On Tuesday’s episode, Dr. Phil tells Jennifer that if what she claims is true, she’s been dominated by Joseph to the point that she’s allowed him to abuse their children, and coerced her into doing the same. “So that means you can’t be in that relationship and trust yourself to make good judgments.”

“Abuse is not just getting beat on,” he continues. My wife has an entire foundation devoted to this: When Georgia Smiled. And one of her missions is to empower and help women - just like you - that are caught in this.”

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To learn more about Robin McGraw’s Foundation: When Georgia Smiled and The Aspire Initiative, an interactive program which helps those caught in the cycle of domestic abuse identify and take steps to end it, visit WhenGeorgiaSmiled.org.

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Couple Faces Criminal Charges In Death Of 10-Year-Old Son