Tatiana says she recently left the Jehovah’s Witness church after nine years of practicing the religion. Her husband, Robert, elected to stay in the faith. The couple claims their children were removed from their home by Child Protective Services several months ago after they sought out church elders to help resolve difficulties in their marriage. They’re claiming church leadership reported Robert to CPS.

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The couple vehemently denies the allegations, and say they’ve been fighting to get their children back ever since.

Tatiana admits she’s been “difficult” but “not uncooperative,” while working with CPS. She says, “I haven’t been the nicest person, but I’ve been volunteering. Everything that they’ve asked us to do, we volunteered ahead of time.”

“You couldn’t be managing this worse if you tried,” Dr. Phil tells the couple after reviewing various factors of parental fitness.

What does he say about their religious differences that could play a role in determining whether their children are returned to them?

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