Twenty-year-old Laurie Depies vanished without a trace from the parking lot of her boyfriend, Marc’s, apartment building late one evening in August 1992. Marc says he’s been haunted by Laurie’s disappearance for the past 26 years and has recurring dreams about her being alive.

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He claims he’s suffered multiple health issues and other setbacks that he says he believes are related to Laurie’s loss.

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On Friday’s Dr. Phil, life coach an author of the book, Best Self: Be You, Only Better, Mike Bayer, speaks with Marc about his loss.

“You deserve to live the life you want,” says coach Mike. Do he and Dr. Phil have a plan to help Marc move through his grief?

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If you have any information on the disappearance of Laurie Depies, please call the Wisconsin Department of Justice: 608-266-1671.

Mike Bayer is a life development coach and member of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board. His book, Best Self: Be You, Only Better is available now, wherever books are sold. Read an excerpt here, then check here to find out how you can order.

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Man Who Says His Mind, Body And Life ‘ Fell Apart’ After His Girlfriend Went Missing Referred For Biochemical Evaluation And Life Coaching Services