Emily Heistand claims she killed John Ludwick in self-defense after the 32-year-old ambushed her at knife-point this past March in the driveway of her home. Emily claims Ludwick had been stalking and harassing her for months.

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“Sometimes I feel like I’m a murderer, but then sometimes I’m like ‘I did what I had to do,'” she tells Dr. Phil. “I don’t know how I made it out, but I’m just glad I did.”

Emily, who describes Ludwick as “delusional,” says she took the knife away from him while he had her trapped in the passenger side of her car, then stabbed him multiple times in the abdomen before finally breaking free. Ludwick ran and later died of his injuries.

“I can tell you that you did the right thing,” says Dr. Phil. “One of the things that safety experts will tell you is, you don’t ever want to let them take you to a secondary location.”

Emily met John Ludwick nearly a year before the incident through a mutual friend named Gabriel.

In the days after Ludwick died Emily says Gabriel started claiming that it wasn’t her, but her boyfriend who killed Ludwick in a confrontation over Emily.

“Right after I called the police, I called him. He came to my house. The detectives saw him pull up to my house with his boss,” says Emily about her boyfriend, dismissing Gabriel’s claims.

Additionally, says Emily, there was a woman across the street at the time who witnessed the altercation. What did that witness say she saw?

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