Mike and Keirsten are in a volatile relationship. Both admit that they have been physical toward the other. Mike says he has hit Keirsten in self-defense when she comes after him and that he has hit her to “calm her down.” Kiersten admits she has punched her boyfriend but claims he has twisted her arm to the point he almost broke it, has given her a black eye and bloody lip and has sent her to the hospital four times. Watch more of their stories here and here.

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In the video above, Dr. Phil reviews some of Mike’s allegations of abuse toward Keirsten. When Mike says that he has acted in self-defense when Keirsten attacks him, Dr. Phil tells him, “I don’t care what she does. If she starts punching you, then you turn around and walk away. If she starts following you, then you walk faster, if she starts chasing you, then you outrun her. If you have to, you get behind a door … But you don’t ever, never, ever, put your hands on a woman in anger, ever … And anybody who does is a [expletive] coward.”

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Watch the video to find out why Mike almost walks off the stage. And on Monday's episode, see what Dr. Phil tells this couple he believes they must do if they want a chance to have a healthy relationship. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Why Some People Resort To Physical Violence

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Playing Why Some People Resort To Physical Violence

Why Some People Resort To Physical Violence