Debbie claims she has a bad reaction to allergens and is allergic to almost everything. She says she won’t open certain cabinets in her house, keeps her dirty clothes in plastic bags in the dishwasher, washes her dishes in her pool, won’t turn on the heat in her house and has told her husband to take a shower before hugging her.

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Fearing that her 35-year marriage is about to fall apart, Debbie turns to Dr. Phil for help on Wednesday’s episode. “I have something seriously wrong,” she says.

Dr. Phil points out that although Debbie is participating in ritualistic behaviors, some of her actions contradict her claims.

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“There are inconsistencies,” Dr. Phil says. “Tell me how you reconcile those with yourself. Like, for example, you don’t like bleach but yet there’s chlorine in a pool, and you’re OK with that.”

See Debbie’s explanation in the video above. And on Wednesday, hear what Dr. Phil thinks may be causing Debbie’s unusual behavior. Check here to see where you can watch.

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