Kirstie has debilitating anxiety, panic attacks, and severe agoraphobia, which she says, keeps her confined to her bedroom 22 hours a day. She says she believes she will die if she leaves her room for longer a few minutes at a time and also requires someone to be with her all the times.

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Because of her anxiety, Kirstie also says she can’t take her kids to the doctor, visit friends, or to the park. She admits her fears are keeping her from being the mother her children need her to be.

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Dr. Phil refers Kirstie to Doctor on Demand, a cutting edge telemedicine service which allows individuals to access US-based, board-certified medical doctors, psychiatrists and licensed psychologists, from the privacy of their own homes.

“You don’t have to leave your safe place to do this,” Dr. Phil assures Kirstie, adding, “You can be right there sitting on that bed and open up your computer and you can talk to a psychologist or a psychiatrist right there from your bed and work through the early stages of what needs to happen to start getting this under control.”

Does Kirstie accept Dr. Phil’s referral?

Can Dr. Phil help her find a way out? Check here to find out where you can watch Monday's episode.

Doctor on Demand Inc. was founded by Phillip C. McGraw and Jay McGraw. The telemedicine services made available through Doctor On Demand are provided by licensed physicians practicing within a group of independently owned professional practices collectively known as “Doctor On Demand Professionals.

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