Mya says she and her father, Jim, don’t speak. Mya, who says she livestreams her life 24/7, says that while livestreaming one night while she was asleep, her father was heard off camera yelling at her younger sister. She claims that in retaliation, her father kicked her out of his house.
Mya claims Jim has abused her – an accusation he vehemently denies – and that he revealed her private medical information online. Jim says people accused him of not helping his daughter with her mental health, so he responded by revealing her mental health records to prove that he tried to get her the help she needs.

How does Jim respond when Dr. Phil says, “You don’t publicly humiliate someone in your own family"? Plus, hear a phone call between Jim and Mya that was recorded shortly after he kicked her out of his house.
On Monday’s episode, "'My Narcissistic Drama Queen Teen is Dead to Me',"  hear what happened during one of Mya’s livestreams that has made her one of the most hated women on the internet. Check local listings to see where you can tune in.  

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WATCH: Woman Claims Father Has Been Abusive, Called Her Names; He Denies It And Says She’s Playing ‘The Victim’