Paul and his wife, Alaska, are at odds over Alaska’s cuddling business. While Paul says he fully supported his wife when she created it a year ago, he says after he found out she was using provocative photos and personal profiles to market the site, he became concerned about her behavior – and her safety.

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Alaska admits that she cuddles with clients but insists she’s never crossed any lines and has not jeopardized her marriage.

After Dr. Phil questions Alaska about her business and marketing tactics, she engages in a heated conversation with him.

“I’m a woman, and I’m also a black woman, and I know what a witch hunt is,” Alaska says to Dr. Phil.

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“Who has called you a name?” Dr. Phil asks. “Are you saying I’ve called you a name?”

“Your innuendos and you’re insinuating that I’m doing more, and I don’t like it. I don’t appreciate it,” Alaska says. “You’re supposed to be helping, not making me angry.”

Hear Dr. Phil’s reaction and watch more of their conversation in the video above.

This episode airs Thursday. Watch more here.

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