Michael admits he’s deceived people “in the worst way possible.” He acknowledges lying about serving in the armed forces, fabricating injury and illness and to making up a wife and children.

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Travis, Lon and Jane all claim Michael lies for financial gain, which Michael adamantly denies. He claims he does it for the attention.

WATCH: ‘There Is No Explanation For Lying,’ Says Man Who Admits To Making Up Stories

Travis asserts that he was “flooded” with messages claiming Michael was a fraud after setting up an online fundraiser for him. He says Michael reached out to him to apologize but has no reason to believe that the apology is genuine.

“It felt more like - You got caught, and that’s why you want to say ‘sorry,’” he says.

“Saying that ‘I’m sorry’ and that ‘I’m a different man now,’ – that doesn’t mean anything,” says retired Marine, Lon. He says he wants to see Michael “do something to help the community.”

How does Michael respond when Dr. Phil asks him if he thinks he’s capable of being honest now?

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