Charles says that he will stop at nothing to save his 12-year marriage, despite the fact that his wife, Sally, has left him 19 times and is now dating a new man.

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Sally says she’s done with the relationship. She claims Charles is a “drama queen” who “thrives on attention” and that he has been abusive toward her.

On Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, the couple gets into a heated discussion about Charles’ behavior, specifically a time that Sally claims Charles choked her.

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“I'm full of mistakes myself, but I'm willing to admit that I have psychological issues and problems, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to fix them,” he tells Sally.

“Those are not mistakes. Strangling somebody is not a mistake. That's something that's deliberate. That's like attempted murder,” Sally responds.

“I didn't deliberately try to kill you; I was trying to overpower you,” Charles says.

Dr. Phil interrupts the conversation and offers Charles a powerful warning.

“There is no time, no theory, no justification, under which a man should ever put his hands on a woman in anger. Period, paragraph, no exceptions. No reason,” Dr. Phil says.

In the video above, see what happens as Charles tries to explain his behavior. Plus, Robin McGraw, an ambassador against domestic violence, weighs in.

On Friday, see what happens when Charles comes face-to-face with Sally’s new boyfriend for the first time. And, is Charles ready to change? Check here to see where you can watch.

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