Tiffany claims her fiancé, Marques, forced her to expose him as a narcissist. She says when he walked out on her on their anniversary after a fight, she created a video of their fighting, called him a narcissist, and posted it to social media, where it went viral. After the post reached millions of views, Tiffany admits she posted additional videos, including one of her throwing Marques’ clothes and shoes out of a car and one where she appears to be cutting his clothes.
Marques denies being a narcissist and says Tiffany provokes him to get upset so she can film him. He says Tiffany purposely posted the videos to social media to humiliate him and that some of the content is fabricated.

“I see no signs whatsoever that he has a narcissistic personality disorder,” Dr. Phil tells the couple. “What I see with both of you is that you’re functioning at an emotional age of teenagers. Both of you are very manipulative. Both of you have problems with impulse control, and I think both of you have been damaged, and damaged people damage people.”
Dr. Phil asks the couple, “Do you ever hold yourself to a standard of asking what is your motive for what you do when you do it?” Hear their response – and more of Dr. Phil’s advice – in the video above.
This episode, "'Public Shaming: My Fiancée Humiliated Me, and it Went Viral,'" airs Friday. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

WATCH: Woman Posts Videos To Social Media Of Her Throwing Fiancé’s Belongings Out Of Car, Cutting Up His Clothes

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